baby. soon.




4 thoughts on “baby. soon.

  1. oh, the good SO VERY VERY FAR outweighs the bad. and i’m saying that even after a VERY VERY bad/hard day.
    you’ll learn more from your kiddo than you can even imagine. i can’t wait to read all about it!!

  2. Hi there, just popped into your blog and was inspired to leave a note when i read about your baby waiting. How exciting! My children were both born in December, which is hot, hot, hot summer time here in South Africa. Whenever, it gets to this time of the year i experience a subtle unspoken sense of anticipation. I still recall the sensation of new life, in me, all around me. It was a wondrous time! Enjoy every moment of it!

  3. one of the most amazing miracles of life: you’re struggling along – exhausted, frustrated; your child keeps pushing your patience way beyond the breaking point….and then does it several more times….
    then he/she smiles, or giggles or does some little thing and it totally obscures all the above

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