tuesday in october

rainy morning and windy evening. organized what will be the office while tomatoes roasted. blustery night means chicken and dumplings for dinner. after we supped, i walked down by the river. aren’t as many geese as there used to be. dusk and everything was blowing and blowing and blowing and my bare legs were cold. i liked it and stopped under the willows and watched branches sway and sway.


3 thoughts on “tuesday in october

  1. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is lovely.

    It inspires me to slow down and really pay attention to the good things around me. I’m in graduate school in a place I distinctly do not love (Texas) and there are so many things I miss about living on the east coast. But I finally live in a house (renting) and not an apartment, I love my new husband, and my degree is going pretty well. I have a garden and kitties that make me laugh and things are really not at all bad.


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