two secrets

1. I know they are small and funny, but I like the way my hands look.
2. Without being aware that I am doing it, I still barrel up the stairs on all fours, sometimes. Like a little kid. Old habits die hard.


2 thoughts on “two secrets

  1. You do have adorable hands! 🙂
    I do not have adorable hands. I have “old lady hands”. Have since I was a kid.
    However, I love old ladies and therefore, I do not mind too much that I share this feature with them. It could be worse. I could share their inability to sit Indian Style on the floor and I love sitting Indian Style on the floor! Just like Gramma. I remember when we lived with her and she would sit up in her chair looking down at me on the floor and would always say, “Oh, I wish I could still sit like that. I loved it so.”

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