friday, from the archives

SouleMama takes a trip down memory lane every Friday, and I like it!  So I think I am going to begin to do the same- Friday, from the archives.

This is from December 18th, 2007.

lunch with eliot

I just e-mailed the last bit of work off for my Norwegian class. The semester is officially over. And…it feels a bit weird. I know, it was just one class. But the vanishing of that one itsy bitsy class creates a considerable shift in time and focus. Soon I won’t have a free bus pass. And when people ask me “Are you a student?” I can’t say yes. And then they’ll ask “What do you do?” and I’ll say…I’m a barrista? A writer? A wife? Goodness, the simplest questions can be so tricky.

But I tell you, I am heartily looking forward to wading into this new year. I want to fix up my workspace, clean the clutter, and fill it with wonderful things that make me feel at home and ready to write. I want to get a library card, research publishers, and get lost in the kids section. I want to find a new rhythm. I want to learn life more as the non-student-whatever-i-am that I am.

I love this time of year.


I have been thinking about that time in my life a lot today.  I recently got in touch with old friend I haven’t corresponded with for a couple years.  They asked me if I would be graduating soon.  This time of my life came flooding back to me, the time I decided to step out of academics and see what else the world had for me.  I’ve learned so much about myself since then, so much how I like to work and live.

Happy Friday, everyone.


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