mom stuff- napping

just resting

My kid is a total punk.

Reed has never liked to nap, but he has been napping less than ever now that he is older and there is so much great stuff to look at.  I can sympathize.  There really is a lot of great stuff to look at in the world. And it wasn’t too long ago that I was a little girl that hated napping.  I’m still not that into it.  Regardless, this little boy gets very overtired when he doesn’t nap.  In fact, he becomes a grump.  So, we’re working on that.

I tried to get the (obviously exhausted) boy to nap for three hours today.  At first he cried and cried while his eyelids drooped.  Then, he switched gears and made really cute cooing noises and smiling at me like, “I’m not tired, mom!  I just think you are great and want to play with you!”  So after all of that, I picked up the boy and laid down with him in our bed.  He fell asleep immediately with my hand in his, waking briefly every few minutes to check that I was still cuddling with him.  We napped together for a while. And then I woke up and started making coffee. And before i knew it, the little guy peeked open his eyes, found me gone, and woke up.

And so, my kid’s a punk.  Because it’s hard to get frustrated about his sleeping habits when he’s so stinking sweet and affectionate about it.


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