friday, from the archives

january 7, 2008

some things are worth posting twice

(a journey from a to b by badly drawn boy, a song which was entirely perfect today)

I’m beginning to settle into 2008. Scribbling away at my desk. Serving coffee. Reading books. Doing laundry. Seeing friends. Walking places. Walking home.

The sun made an appearance today after a long, foggy absence, and everyone at the shop and on the street seemed a little bit brisker for it. As much as I have enjoyed watching people with their umbrellas, it’s nice to see.

I am enjoying sweet routine these days. Sweet routine and sweet reflection. I feel lucky to live, today, in a little world that is filled with words, stories, Badly Drawn Boy, my Adam, my friends, heaps of good food to fill my belly, the faces at the coffee shop, and piles and piles of laundry.

Today I feel very rich.


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