friday, from the archives

January 15, 2007


This is my dear friend T�ran. I’m staying with her in Oslo- you know, above the H&M underwear store. She makes the most amazing waffles. (They have a Sunday night tradition here: after church at 19.00, people come over and drink coffee. This time, T�ran made waffles. Delicious Weegie waffles. And we laughed. And laughed. And then laughed just a nudge more)
We met more than three years ago. We were at this retreat in Tynset, I was making waffles in the kitchen and she came in and gave me a hand. We got talking. By the end of the conversation, we decided that I would marry a Norwegian and she’d marry an American and we’d be neighbors and watch each other’s kids. We’ve been friends ever since.

She is smart and honest and funny and has a wonderful smile. It’s been great to spend time with her, watching lame TV, laughing, walking, and talking for hours and hours. Three cheers forT�ran!


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