friday: from the archives

February 2, 2007

figs love me

5 Things I’m loving about 2007 so far:

1- Hanging out with my roommates more. Our hours had gotten so consumed with business and boys that we hardly saw each other. But, that’s been different lately. Angie is still pretty busy (and understandably so with work and school and a wedding to plan!) , but I get to hang out with Monica and Janelle almost every day. Lately, there’s been a lot of space to sit around and drink tea and make dinner together and talk and talk and talk. I love that.

2- My city. This will be my first full year as a student and as a Madisonian. I love school. I love Madison. I’m glad to be here.

3- The discovery of Japanese treats like Mochi and Yan Yan and Pocky. Thanks, Adam. Speaking of him…

4- My boyfriend.

5- All the good stuff to come this year. I think there will be a lot.

It’s not a big or earth-shattering list, but, the year has just begun…
What do you love about 2007 so far?


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