like coffee


Today, Reed took an honest to goodness nap.  A real nap.  A nap longer than half an hour.  A nap at home.  Not in the car.  Not on a walk.  A nap outside of my arms.  Off the rocking chair.  Just him sleeping.  On his own.  Two (two!) hours.

I made a pot of tea and pulled out my journal.  I sat and wrote and then wrote some more and edited my novel.  What a treat it was to sit down and write with the sun on the streets and quiet in the house.  It was like having coffee when you haven’t had it for a while and you really really want coffee.  Coffee tastes so good when you really really want it.  So does writing.

It’s a shame no one will likely ever read this book.  I am growing to like it.


One thought on “like coffee

  1. a mother could never explain the significance of naptime to one with no children. for me it is right now, and it is possibly my favorite time of the day.

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