reading with reed

my charming boy and his doting auntie

My little boy is almost five months old, now.  It’s cliche, I know, but, my! they grow up fast!  The first month or two had an almost fever-like slowness to it.  The days were still and long and hazy.  It was beautiful for that, a lot like the first trimester of my pregnancy.  But, now, the days are unraveling with a beautiful speediness.  And, wow.  It is FUN, this speediness.

father and son

I think the thing I love most about being a mom is watching Reed open right up to the world.  I loved watching him unfurl his little ball of a body.  I loved watching him watch people.  I loved watching him begin to reach out to the world with his fingers- touch things and hold them.  I loved watching him learn to coo, to smile, to babble, to laugh.


When Reed was a very small baby, I liked to read James and the Giant Peach to him while we rocked.  He didn’t seem to understand stories then, but I read to him anyway.  I have taken up reading to Reed, again, but now it is so different.  I have been reading him books from his bookshelves, gifts from so many wonderful family and friends.  I sit with Reed on my lap and he listens to the words with great care.  His little hands will occasionally reach up to touch the pages, wanting to take in every bit of it.

I didn’t expect him to be so captivated, so drawn in to the world of books at such a young age.  Reed is a wonderful, surprising person.  As he opens up to the world, I find more and more things he already has such a great preference for: cool gadgets (like flip cameras and otoscopes), reading, the outdoors, and a bit of quiet.  I am looking forward to getting to know him better, this boy of mine, and watching him getting to know the world.

And I am looking forward to years of plopping him on my lap and reading book after book after book until my voice gets coarse.


One thought on “reading with reed

  1. He’s your baby – of course he’ll be nutty about wonderful books 🙂 I love you as you and as a mom. Reed is so lucky to have you to introduce him to the world.

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