reed and me.  post-oatmeal hangout

I didn’t spend much time with babies before Reed was born.  And, to tell you the truth, I didn’t really care to.  So, I am surprised by many things about life with a baby.  But what surprises me the most often and the most extravagantly is what good company such a little person can be.  He can’t play with sidewalk chalk, is less than fascinated by bubbles; he can’t run or tickle or dress up like a pirate.  But, it turns out, you don’t really need all that when you have a quiet, happy house, blue skies, and two people that enjoy each other as much as we do.  I can’t get over it, really.

post-oatmeal clean-up

Today, we went on a walk together, babbled together, sat on the sunny patches of the floor together, scoped out the garden together, and even ate some oatmeal together.  It was the first day Reed had eaten solid food.  And it was nice to sit there at the table, me with my bowl of oatmeal, he with his.  I felt that sense of camaraderie more than ever.  He’s my buddy, this baby of mine.  He’s one of my favorite people.


2 thoughts on “buddies

  1. Oh, I miss those times! Your words make me instantly recall them and I love you for that!! I am so happy for you! Reed is such a lucky baby!

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