number 100: dandelion wine part 1

Number 100– Dandelion Wine Part 1


Step 1:  Wake up before sunrise on a very warm morning and open all the windows.  At 7:00, when the baby wakes up and you are so happy to see him, note that this is the time the air smells best on hot days.  The sun is warming up the grass and all the flowers.

Step 2:  Take your bare-legged self and your bare-legged baby outside.  While he plays, walk around barefoot picking the heads off of dandelions and put them in a bag.  Start on your parkway and then move on to your neighbors.  Then go down to the park and pick there.

Step 3:  Note your sore bent back, your sticky hands and dirty legs and how good the young grass feels between your toes.  Identify with caper farmers, mussel hunters, tomato-pickers, and Johnny Appleseed.  Remember a history full of back-bending work.

Step 4:  Feel grateful for an easy life.  Feel grateful for back-bending work.

Step 5:  Fall in love with the work of foraging.

Step 6: Pick your dandelions over for bugs, then pour five quarts of boiling water over your gallon of blossoms.  Cover your pot with a cloth and let it stew for a few days.

Part one of making dandelion wine is completed!  It was so much fun, I think I might get batches started biweekly.


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