Yup, lately we’ve been into Cat Stevens at the Whitlock house.  Adam (knowing how much I enjoyed his regular presence on my favorite Pandora station) picked up a cd for me while we were at the library this rainy Saturday.  I’ve been listening to it ever since.  I like going to the library on my own, but I like it even better when Adam and I go together.  We always separate.  I need to look at every book, it seems, and wander the aisles over and back again.  Adam is much less aimless.  He often ends up finding a comfortable chair and sitting with nothing but contentment and patience.  When I finish, we find each other and more often than not check everything out on his card, which always annoys him just a little.  Then we smile, and walk home together with our treasures.

I considered living the single life, which I thought might suit me as I am very independent and like to be on my own.  How I knew I wanted to marry was this: I was in Norway and encountered all sorts of mishaps trying to catch a certain bus.  And though it was funny, it didn’t make a good story.  If there was someone else there, I might have laughed with them over it (or tried to cheer them up if they were irritated by my mistakes).  But it was just me.  And it was…dull.  Not boring, but not as bright as it could be.  Not as full.  I eventually caught my bus and the bus ride was very beautiful, with the snowy eastern mountains climbing all over the road.  I loved them, and wished I could share them.

With Adam, all my adventures feel more adventurous, though our adventures have been limited to very small ones thus far.  Hopefully in a few years we will get the opportunity to have adventures that are a bit wider and a bit wilder.

Until then, here’s to the small ones.  May they continue to be bright and full.


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