oaks on the square

This morning as I walked around in my pajamas, my feet were cold and so were my shoulders.  I couldn’t find a sweater, so I wrapped myself in a wool blanket and hoped that it would get nice and warm this afternoon.

When I put Reed down for his nap, I watched the fat maple leaves flow in the breeze.  It looked so summery.  I wasn’t cold by then.  Reed rested, and I finished my mid-day writing a little bit early so I could go out and water my plants and feel the air.  And it felt so hot.  The noon sun and 73 degrees always feels hot in May, but this didn’t feel hot like a spring warm spell.  This felt hot like the beginning of summer.

Welcome, summer!

Incidentally, this is also the day Reed turns 7 months old.  Can you believe that?  At three months, he transitioned from tiny baby to little baby.  And I think this seventh month he’ll move from little baby to big baby.  It’s an amazing thing to behold.

I think this afternoon, my little/big baby and I will go for a walk and identify some trees now that the leaves are so big and juicy.  But maybe we will wait until late afternoon.  Because, in my opinion,  the best way to enjoy a midday summer sun is to stay out of it.

Here’s to lazy summer afternoons!


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