summer, we are ready

columbine shadows

When Reed woke from napping and the sun cooled, my bare-legged baby and I took to the streets, pacifier, keys, and tree manual in hand.  I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.  While we were out learning to spot hawthorns, black ash, and red river birch, we checked in on some Juneberry trees that live along the river (number 40).  The berries have formed, now.  They are plump and green and will soon be rosy.  My mouth was watering at the thought of that magical moment they turn sweet purple.  Oh, how I love Juneberries!

In fact, signs of summer’s fruits were all over our little river trail.  There were healthy canes of flowering blackberries and tiny green clusters of unripe wild grapes.   Maybe one of these days, I’ll go out and pick the grape leaves and preserve them to make dolma.  It sure seems like a lot of work, though.  Maybe I’ll make a project of it next year.

It has been a perfect spring.  There’s no doubt about it.  And all the plants and creatures seem to be bright, happy, and ready for the heat of summer.  Including me.  And that’s good, because the heat of summer is here.

Today, to avoid yesterday’s lethargy, I thought through the order of my day.  I opened the windows when I woke, and Reed and I went out before the sun got to high to water the garden.  The cold water felt good on my feet.  I closed all but the north-facing blinds when we got back inside, and put Reed down for a nap in front of the fan.  The high today is only 77 F, but that is hot for three north-blooded people in May.  And I’m loving it.  Summer, we are ready!


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