number 23, busy days


We’ve had some busy days at the Whitlock house.  Busy with lots of good things, but good things can tire me out, too!  Still, we have also had small moments of rest.  Drinking coffee by the river in the morning and watching the baby geese.  Driving through storms with a sleeping baby.  Picking out tomato plants at West Star Farm with Reed in my arms.

I think our vegetable garden is officially “in”.  I go out to check on it several times a day, just to see if anything has grown  (actually, the beans usually have).  It has been really fun trying to figure out how to make the best use of our small space.  We don’t have it all worked out yet, but we are getting there piece by piece.  This year the vegetable garden and a handful of perennial herbs, next year, who knows?  By then, I’ll have my own little gardener helping out.

Here’s to busy May days.  And slow ones, too.


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