direction part II

a book and a laughing woman

I started to blog five years ago to provide a window into my life for family and friends as I embarked on adulthood (what a great, wild ride!).


mossel bay from the balcony

farm at four

tiny union hill at night

summer nights at the coffee shop


view from the house

it's hard to walk in heels (or wedges, in Janelle's case) in snow

And then it was a space to record the building of a marriage, a home, and a vocation.


pink tulips

the table.

And now, I feel my time in this space is coming to a close.  New projects are taking shape, maybe even an online project.  I feel ready to ready to write about things bigger than myself.

I will be celebrating the journey of this blog by regularly re-posting old entries.  It will be a lot of fun.  And then, I’m signing off.  If you want to follow my daily life, you can follow my Flickr.

Oh, and if you have any last questions for me, feel free to ask. I plan on re-posting through early July and then bidding my farewell. Thanks for reading, friends.



4 thoughts on “direction part II

  1. I, too, will miss your writing tremendously. It’s been lovely “getting to know you.”
    And I completely understand about coming to the end of a blog.

  2. Wow… it’s strange to say “goodbye” to someone I’ve never met in person, but I confess that it’s not without a certain pang of loss.

    I remember first getting to know a wise-beyond-her-years young girl who was yet on the verge of beginning her life.

    Having only recently graduated from high school, there were plans of travel and study. There were stories of friends, adventures, and prospective paramours… there was a burgeoning love for a young man, then he was her husband, and together they brought forth a precious son.

    Now, the girl is a woman, full of wisdom and grace. Her life is in full flower. I shall bid her a very fond farewell and pray that the Lord continues to guide her steps.

    I shall listen for her new stories from a far off place, and remember.

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