hello and hello

After a few days full of wonderful things- of family and giving thanks, the cozy guest bed at my parents’ house and the warmth of their wood stove, aunts and cousins and babies and pies, teasing, laughing, knitting on drives- we returned home.  Home to our small house full of half-finished projects awaiting time or drive or money.  Home to our house without a backyard or storage, our house desperately in want of organization and a few coat hooks, our house that needs curtains and the fridge cleaned out and flip-flops put away for summer.


getting a snack?

Reed stopped complaining about the car ride and started to smile and growl his happy growl. We carried in our things and light poured in the afternoon windows- oh glorious afternoon light!  We turned up the heat and put a pot of water on the stove to boil some pasta for dinner.  I stirred water into flour and sunflower seeds to prepare for the next day’s bread.


I have decided to return to this place.  I have no real reason for it other than that it just “seems like time.”  I am very happy with the time I spent away.  And I am very happy to be coming home here.

Welcome back, friends.

**Note: the site design will be developed in time.  I just wanted to start with something fresh.**


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