a new winter

one year old

It is December, and and I woke to a chilly day with a small smack of snow.  I wouldn’t call it The First Snow- the flurries hardly dusted the sidewalk- but it did not feel like autumn any longer.  I wanted to tuck into the indoors, to buy candles and wear mittens.

This winter already feels so different from the winter before.  Little Reed was still so new to the world and our home was still blanketed in that beautiful, feverish newborn-baby quiet.  Do you know the quiet I’m talking about?  Is it there with all newborns or just the first?  Does it follow all new babies or only some?  Anyway, there was so much of that quiet, so much waking and sleeping and reading and the sound of Adam shoveling snow.  Now Reed is one, always laughing and pushing chairs about and stomping around the house with his little feet to attend to his busy Reed business.  It is still quiet here (we like the quiet), but it that normal winter quiet, not the magical feverish sort.

Winter is creeping in.  And this winter, already, is so much fun.

One-year-olds are great.


2 thoughts on “a new winter

  1. I remember that same “beautiful, feverish, newborn baby quiet” that you describe. It was not the same experience following my second baby. It had it’s own special magic though. Less quiet. More merriment. Less trepidation. More contentment. Less gravity. More bounce. However, being a new parent to “children” verses “a child” is equally amazing and fills you with the same breath-taking awe and wonder. Congratulations to all of you!!!

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