beef tongue and other thoughts

beef tongue

We got a little bit of both, the snow and the market.  We even got two almond croissants.  But my favorite part was the market, and my favorite part of the market was picking up the beef I ordered, and my favorite part of picking up the beef was purchasing this unsettling tongue- so big, so grey, so curling.

I’m not sure why I find so much joy in this cut of meat in my fridge.  It’s not the novelty or because I think tongue is delicious (I have never eaten it).  Honestly, I think it is because it makes me feel like I am doing something well-  something wonderful.  I want to feed my family well, very, very well.  And I want to feed them economically.  And I want to know how to use the whole animal; I want to really dig my hands in.  I’m not great at this yet, but I am learning, and I am proud of these small steps.  And the whole process just excites me so much.  Holding a good piece of meat in my hands, a piece of meat that has been purchased with care and knowledge and reverence, makes me feel much the same way as baking a loaf of bread.  I feel satisfied and proud and grateful.  Is that silly?  Maybe it is.  I don’t really care if I’m silly, anymore.

I hope your weekend was blessed and beautiful and restful, too, if that’s what you need or funny if you laughing suits you best or quiet or loud.  Stay warm and bright.



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