quiet winter music

(a funny little video of a quiet little song that I like to listen to)

We put up our tree this weekend, and I keep meaning to take pictures of it, but never do.  Some people would say that we were late in getting a tree and covering it in lights, but I felt right on time.  The Christmas Spirit came later to me than my neighbor’s this year, and I was too busy thinking about winter things- coats and cooking nice spicy sausages- to bother with the holidays.  And even now that our house is all lit up, I am still not inclined toward Christmas music.  My Pandora Christmas station has gotten maybe two hours of use this December.  This has been typical of me the last few years; I would rather listen to many other things, lately and most notably the most recent Sam Amidon album, I See the Sign.  Its old songs ring true to me in a way that Christmas Classics do not.

Which begs the question, what rings true to me, lately?  Faithfulness does.  And earnestness.  Humor.  Not exactly themes for reflection this time of year, but I don’t mind that.  What rings true to you lately?

My best to you all,



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