wrapping gifts in cloth

In December of 2006, I loved Adam, but I did not know that I would marry him.  I did not know that for another two weeks.  So, when I saw him spinning his gifts into tidy little cloth-wrapped packages, I made sure to save the pictorial guide he used to my computer.  It is still there.

This week, SouleMama wrote about wrapping gifts in cloth.  I was so inspired, I immediately pulled out my sewing machine and sewed a sweet little pouch for a book out of re-purposed cloth from one of Adam’s old shirts while Reed played with blocks and ate fists-full of dirt from the plant on his windowsill (I suspect it tasted of coffee, as I often pour leftover coffee and grounds into our houseplants).  But, as usual, Adam’s way makes more sense, because pouches are just pouches, but furoshiki can be anything in the world.  And folding and tying makes one feel so clever and gives a great feeling of satisfaction.


So, after one pouch, I put away the sewing machine and wielded scissors to cut big squares of cloth.  I wouldn’t mind wrapping everything I give in furoshiki.  Maybe someday, I’ll even use matching fabric.

Furoshiki instructions from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.


One thought on “wrapping gifts in cloth

  1. oh yay! i didn’t know you read soule mama, too! i use her laundry detergent “recipe.” (:

    hope you’re well. i’d unfortunately forgotten about your blog until i came across your blog address on the photos you took for us when E was born.

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