cannot find a thing

Regretfully, I cannot find anything, today.  Not my wallet, not my keys, not my photo card-reader, not my favorite socks.  I also cannot bring myself to look very hard.

It’s 2011.  We brought the New Year in right by sleeping as the ball dropped.  The next day we had dear friends over and laughed and drank and ate and stayed up too late.  The balance was great, though I wish it were February, not January.  I’m ready for spring to be around the corner.

2011, 2011.  What sort of year will it be?  K. asked me my favorite part of 2010.  It was gardening, which is a stupid answer, but true.  My favorite part of 2010 was puttering in the garden while Reed looked on from his pram and played with basil leaves.  I liked pulling weeds best.  And maybe mulching.

Happy New Year, friends.



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