for fear of water

In the morning I like listening to podcasts while making breakfast.  Reed sits in his high chair by the counter and I slice up this and heat up that and stir and put things on his plate while I drink my tea and nibble along.  Oats, eggs, cheese, plain yogurt and jam, NPR: these are the staples of our mornings.

Today I listened to Tom Ashbrook speak with people about the safety of tap water.  A few years ago, it was prescription medication in the water.  Now it’s chronium 6.  I’m sick of hearing about this.  I like to live under the delusion that most things are safe; I hate feeling like the world is full of poisons I have to go out of my way to protect myself from.  But it is.  We are poisoning ourselves.

How to balance the caution that comes with this fact with a joyful lifestyle, that I have yet to parcel out.  And how not to feel hopeless about the whole business, that’s even trickier.  Having a child makes this all the more poignant to me.  Let’s hope that we make this a safer country (and a safer world) for our children and grandchildren.  Let’s be praying for that.

Also, I hope your day is bright and good,



3 thoughts on “for fear of water

  1. i am sick of having to worry about such things, too… and i do not like how easily it can cause us all to live and move out of fear. i also do not like how the precautions we must make to protect ourselves from these things are often costly and not realistic for those living in poverty (they need protection, too). that seems unjust to me.

    since getting pregnant, tim wants me to drink filtered water all the time. truthfully, i usually don’t (i don’t like having to refil the brita filter — which may or may not make much of a difference anyway — several times each day).

  2. I share your sentiments exactly. The whole thing is very poignant reminder to me of the importance of civic responsibility and political engagement.

  3. Yeah, I often feel nauseas after drinking out tap water. I think my body knows that something is up with the water and it does what it can to keep me from drinking it (nausea + it tastes really gross to me).

    We just buy water from the co-op. My body likes that. 🙂

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