miraculous kisses

my sunshine boy

We never taught Reed to kiss, but he has been kissing these last few weeks.  Tonight, we were sitting side-by-side in the steady quiet of evening watching Antiques Roadshow (oh, yes we were), and he turned to me with a kind look and pressed his head to my chest and then stood to plant a kiss on my lips.  Then he sat back down.  It was not for any reason, that kiss.  He was just happy to be sitting with me.  I was happy to be sitting with him, too.

We never taught Reed to kiss, but he has learned nonetheless.  We never requested his affection, but ours poured out freely.  I have given him many kisses because I’m happy to be sitting by his side.  And now he does the same.  What is it in this?  There is some sweet kernel I cannot quite grasp.  There is something miraculous in a boy learning to show gladness and affection.  Especially when that boy is my son and I am one for whom he is glad.  Parenting is a privilege and a joy.  I am very thankful for it.

I am also thankful, in the light of this weekend’s tragedy, for those who stir up compassion for others rather than contempt.  I hope I grow to become one of those people.



One thought on “miraculous kisses

  1. awww. kisses are the best! we didn’t teach rouen either but they are so sweet. when david and i would hug each other, she would stop what she is doing and just look and smile. it’s amazing to have my heart expand and reach depths since this little one has joined us.

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