the part that is nothing but joy


I am moving out of the part of pregnancy that keeps me in bed and into the part that is nothing but joy, joy straight from the bottle.  I even ate a normal breakfast today, a weekend breakfast with eggs and greens and cheese and oats and yogurt and milk and coffee.  I ate it slowly, but I ate it all, and then sat at the table with my little coffee cup and sipped and talked with Adam and we laughed while Reed went about his funny business around the house: pushing the blue cooler through every room and talking and looking for the cat.

This time of year, the light is always less cool than it was the week before.  And though the cold days are just as cold, the warm days have promise.  When spring buds, so will I.  This week I can feel my torso beginning to grow, but it is still wrapped up tightly within itself.  By summer I will swell like the tomatoes, the big fat Brandywines that seem impossibly heavy as you pluck them from their vines.

I wonder about this second child of mine.  We anticipate the baby being born sometime in the last couple weeks of August or the first couple weeks of September- not entirely a summer child, not an autumn child, either.  There will still be heat in the air, eggplants on the vine, but the first leaves will be changing and scattering in the first cool winds.  When I take a walk with the little one wrapped against my skin, some days my skin will sweat, or I may wear a sweater.  This child is likely to only be born a month and a half before Reed was, but rather than apples, on my second child’s birthday we will have raspberries and cream and piles of tomato salad and fresh cheese.  Isn’t that funny?  Just a month and a half and such a difference.

I am getting to know this little person forming inside me slowly and surely.  I love getting these first inklings and impressions of who my child is.  Already almost all the names we held over from Reed to be possibilities for our second have been thrown out the window.  They were all wrong.  I swear, this child will spend their whole surprising me.  I sure hope so.


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