new winter

turnip heart

My absence was caused by two things, first a broken laptop, second a bit of sickness going around the our house.  Everyone seems on the mend, today, Adam is back at work, Reed ate a normal breakfast.  I didn’t realize until today that all the sickness wore me out, though, with lots of sleep, I somehow managed to fight it off.  Taking care of a sick, upset one-year-old takes a lot out of you.  I’m glad to have my happy boy back, though his nose still runs and he coughs now and again.  He isn’t just a happy boy, but a happy spirit, and I love that about him.


I used to hate February, but I am coming around.  I kind of like it, these days.  It is winter, but winter does not seem old like it does in January.  It is new winter.  Early spring is just on the other side of the door, scheming and making mischief, and when you look through the key-hole it hides.  But you know it is there and it knows you know, and you keep playing this little game until March comes in like a lion.


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