snapshot without a snapshot: week 16ish

Weeks along: 16, give or take a week.

Weeks with a hearty appetite: Two.

Peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches eaten: Incalculable.

Favorite pastime: Sitting.  Not sitting and reading.  Not sitting and writing.  Not sitting and talking.  Just sitting and smiling and maybe holding my tray of newly sprouted tomato seeds to catch a bit of the sun I am stealing and staring to see if I can see them grow.  When not sitting, I like going for walks.

Concerns: How good everything looks when I go grocery shopping.  (Not because I’m worried about my weight, but because I am worried about our grocery budget.  Especially when I do things like buy 1/2 lb of nice 6-year cheddar and consume it within a 24-hour period.  Things like this happen when you a hungry woman and would rather just sit and smile than cook.)

Hopes: Incalculable.

Belly: I have no picture, as I would rather do other things these days.  There isn’t much to see yet; my body has a subtle way of carrying things.  All my clothes fit and will for another month or two.  From the front I look just about the same as usual.  From the side I look about like this.  Or maybe this.  It’s not a belly that draws people’s eyes, but every morning I am astonished by it.

Cravings: I don’t know about cravings, but I have a general disinterest in red meat and a general interest in nuts and legumes.  Nothing to write home about.

Feeling: Very, very well.  Healthy and happy and grateful and enjoying this quiet work.


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