full of surprises

The Sunniest Boy
“But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonnie and blithe and good and gay.”

At work, my partner and I talked for quite a while about how small I look for how far along I am in my pregnancy. Then I went to my doctor, who felt my stomach and told me that I actually felt more like I was 20 weeks along than 17, which was the last thing I expected to hear.

“Do you mean I feel like I’m more like 17 or 18 weeks rather than 16 or 17?”  I asked.

“I mean you feel like you are 20 weeks.”

And then she said, “Let’s see if we hear a second heartbeat.”

For a split second we thought we heard it.  We stopped breathing.  But it was just that one baby, just that one heart from a different angle.  And it was good and strong, and I was alight with the sound of that heartbeat the rest of the day.  I wish you could have heard it.  There’s never been a heartbeat like it.

Twins aren’t an impossibility, but what’s much more likely is that this little one is a couple weeks older than we thought.  In a few weeks we’ll find out for sure.  The thought of being halfway through my pregnancy blows my mind.  I wasn’t ready for that, yet!  My pants aren’t even tight.

I told you this kid was full of surprises.

(I love that.)

Also, after reading one too many old wive’s tales, I am absolutely convinced this baby is a girl.  I can’t decide if I would be most delighted to be proved right or proved wrong.  But for now, I am convinced and have spent the greater part of the evening sifting through girl names (we are having a terrible time with girl names).

Be well, and pleasantly surprised as often as possible,



5 thoughts on “full of surprises

  1. liiiiiiiiiiiiiiindsey! MY HEART JUST ALMOST STOPPED AT THE WORDS “second heartbeat”… omgomgomg how insane would that have been??

    i love you so much. happy half pregnancy 😀

  2. Hi, Bri!

    Though my belly appears tinier than most other women as far along as I am, when the doctor measured out the size of the actual womb, it is much than they would expect it to be for the amount of time I’ve been pregnant.

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