sage tea

spring stroll

I love quiet, and I love kind neighbors who sit on porches and say hello.  I love little tasks like walking down to the thrift store and washing dishes and flipping eggs in a cast-iron skillet.  I love leaving behind the house and its messes when the sun is out and the day is warm and lively.  I love drinking coffee at the kitchen counter when the clouds come and Reed stands on his stool at the sink and plays with a spatula.

I love making little boys laugh.

I love the little dandelions poking out their little leaves in my herb garden.  Soon I will pull them from the ground, but for now I delight in their tiny green bodies.  I spotted the furled, crimson leaves of bleeding hearts today, too, just barely surfacing.  I love them as well.  And I love all the geese on the river and the middle-school cross-country team that runs by and the afternoon light in our western window.  I love every leaf-bud on the lilac bushes.


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