for the little one

the little one

I don’t know what sort of clothes to buy you.  I don’t know what we will name you or if I will ever braid your hair in pigtails.  But I got to see you for a while, today.  I got to see a flicker of a little person.  And what a little person you are!  If I didn’t already think you would be the lively one in the family, I think so now.  I look at your picture over and over.  There is something about you, a spark of something I can’t quite place.  I like that something.  I can’t wait to know it better.

I suppose we will be back for another ultrasound, and you will probably uncross your legs for us then, and we’ll know what color booties you’ll wear.  But until then, maybe you just want to keep a bit of your mystery.  I can understand that.




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