snapshot without a snapshot: week 21, wait, no, week 22

Week 21

Week 22 (time flies!)

Belly (the outside): Increased dramatically over a span of three days last week, aided by two pints of ice cream (okay, I shared a little of the ice cream with my boys).  I am told that I “actually look a little bit pregnant.”   For some reason, this catches me completely off-guard.

Belly (the inside): When I was pregnant with Reed, I loved every food but chicken (especially bacon.  And lamb.  And pork.  And steak?  I never understood steak until I was pregnant with Reed.)  But this time roast chicken is where the love is.  And beans and nuts.  And a little something sweet.

Feeling: Hungry.  And healthy.

Looking forward to: Finishing up my work for the year and embarking on summer.  And then, at August’s end, experiencing those newborn days, again, this time with the windows open and tomatoes in hand.

Working on: Eating and sleeping and nursery curtains and a name for a girl.  Because right now it’s 50/50.  And we have four boy names and that’s it.  But mostly eating and sleeping.  I am hungry for both and this cold, cold, wet weather is perfect for either.


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