my favorite kind of day

After many, many cold days, spring came back to us.  Today, the trees began budding and the peas I planted haphazardly on a warm day back in March had peaked their heads above the soil though I did nothing to coax them.  After making Reed breakfast, we ran out the door so eager to feel the sun on our arms that I forgot to feed myself (I eventually took a break for a bacon sandwich).  Reed kept walking up to me to give me a hug as I bent over the soil.  Big, sweet hugs of gratitude as if I had made the sun come out myself.

We are outdoor people, my boy and I.  I weeded and examined the soil while Reed walked back and forth between his wagon and the blanket I placed on the parkway for him to rest and read his books.  And he would stop and help me now and again.  And chase the cat.  And when his dad took him for a wagon ride about town, he came back beaming.  The beamingest kid around.

Gosh, I love spring.  Spring and gardening and bacon sandwiches.  And little boys that hug me and husbands that take little boys for wagon rides.

Also, Reed officially mastered the word “no” today.  And “I know.”  And how to shake his head.  These three responses are his favored responses to all questions and/or statements (f.ex. “Reed, please keep the water in the sink.”  “I know.”  “Reed, are you ready for a nap?” “No.”)  The Terrible Twos are so close I can almost taste them.  Fortunately, I have something of a soft-spot for obstinate young children.  They sharpen the wit, I think.  And besides, having a little boy who can carry on a conversation?  Delightful.  So worth it.

outdoor boy

So here’s to warm days after cold ones and barely browned shoulders.  Maybe tomorrow I will slip out before the rain comes and Reed will read in his wagon while I plant beets.


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