three happy feats

In our effort to reduce the waste we create, making our own laundry soap. We used natural, biodegradable  liquid soap before from plastic tubs that we always meant to refill in bulk somewhere but never did.  Though the plastic tubs liquid soap comes in are technically recyclable, most recycling programs (even very good ones) do not accept them (or yogurt tubs, etc.).  Anyway, there is something so satisfying about making something useful.  And using it.  Especially when it smells like peppermint.

Picking up sweet-smelling beeswax at the farmer’s market and finally getting around to making spoon oil to treat all my neglected wooden utensils.

A little no-till garden rich in worms and health and surprises. The soil was good from the start, and my goal is that every year we live here, the soil will get a little bit better and our garden will get a little bit bigger.


4 thoughts on “three happy feats

    • Yes! Though only now and again, especially this time of year. This summer I am hoping to make Wednesdays or Tuesdays my Madison market days, as I much prefer the eastside market and the midweek central market to all the Saturday hullabaloo (unless I’m in it purely for the hullabaloo, in which case the Saturday market is perfect).

  1. oh yay! i make soulemama’s laundry soap recipe, too! unfortunately i haven’t found anywhere but whole foods that sells dr. bronner’s in bar form, but the peppermint is also my favorite. i hope you love it as much as we do! (:

  2. Our co-op here in Stoughton sells them! I’m so happy about that. Have you checked Community Pharmacy? I swear, they have everything.

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