the sill above the sink

I have been lost in Jane Eyre (can you believe I had never read it?) and settling into our summer routine: morning work and play, midday retreat to books, little lessons and a shady house, quiet afternoon naps, and small walks when the sun gets low.  We have been eating lots of muesli (recipe to come, I hope!), and I can’t ever get quite enough iced peppermint tea.  Reed is learning new words by the minute, and I delight in every request and expression.  I delight in hearing him ask for “egghs” and “ohgur” in the morning and a “hug” when he is at the top of the stairs and feeling too lazy to crawl down himself (it’s easy to say no when he asks to be picked up, but a hug?  how can one say no to a hug?).

Last night I dreamed that in just two weeks I would be full term with my second born.  We aren’t quite to that point, yet, but I have both feet solidly in the third trimester, now (?!), and my belly seems to have bloomed while I was looking the other direction.  It is going fast.  It is going so fast.  But meantime, I feel we are becoming better acquainted, this new little one and I.  Her (his?) wiggles have become more settled and steady.  Names are being narrowed down.  And still, he (she?) is something of a mystery to me.  And I think that suits us.  I really do.  I want to meet her (him?) all the more.


4 thoughts on “june

  1. I love your simple posts. I love all of your posts, actually. 🙂
    I too love iced peppermint tea and drank gobs of it when I was pregnant with Sam. Good, good stuff.
    However, I tried to read Jane Eyre last month, having never read it either, and just can’t get into it! I’m about halfway through but haven’t been lost in it, like everyone else seems to be! What am I missing?!

  2. Keely, I have no idea! I could not, for the life of me, put that book down. It must just be one of those things. I can’t ever seem to get into Sense and Sensibility.

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