It’s been a cool, wet June, but tomorrow is July and it’s supposed to be HOT.   I used to fight the heat, but the last couple years I have come to revel in it.  I love the fans and the ice tea and shutting the blinds and small dresses and shade and sitting and sweating and not turning on the oven for anything.  When heat is coming, I am sure to have some boiled eggs chilled and a nice cold grain salad in a bowl, but the food that has become our staple this summer is the muesli from Super Natural Every Day.

It seems silly to include a recipe, because basically, muesli is rolled oats mixed with dried fruit and nuts, in our case, chopped blanched almonds and golden raisins (not too many or I find it too sweet).  Mix this up to a soupy consistency with some plain yogurt loosened with water the night before and stick it in the fridge.  In the morning, the mixture will be thick and soft and the raisins will be plump.  Stir in some jam to make everything sweeter.  Yum.  It is so simple, but so wonderfully cool and satisfying.

Anyway, give muesli a try on one of these scorching days.  And happy hot July!  If you have any favorite hot-weather meals, I am all ears.


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