summer hair and the lavender bush

hot summer morning V

We were promised a hot day, and the heat came quickly to us.  After breakfast, we set out into the garden  to water and play, and by 9:00, the edges of our hair were damp with good, summer sweat.  We spent the later part of the morning around a bathtub of cool water and bowls of yogurt with strawberry jam and on the couch watching the temperature climb on the thermostat.  So far we have evaded the dreaded (by me) air-conditioner, but the sink is also filled with dishes that don’t seem worth sticking my hands in hot water to wash.  So we’ll see what this evening brings.  But for now, I love my sticky hair wound unfashionably out of my face and my sticky arms and avoiding the sink and I love being pregnant in July.  May the heat plump me like a tomato.


One thought on “tomato

  1. I love the way you write. Your appreciation for sticky summertime hair inspires me.

    And I love being pregnant in July too! 🙂

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