heat wave

hot summer morning II

I don’t avoid air conditioning just because I am stingy (I am.)  But also because I don’t often hear people reminiscing about days spent inside comfortably cool, but I remember from my a/c-less childhood setting bowls of ice in front of window fans, sitting on the dark, cool basement steps, putting my pillowcases in the freezer, the shade and garden hoses and sleeping in the quiet of the front porch.  That is summer.

And, yes, I have totally caved and am delighted (delighted.) to have central air on this long string of sticky, sticky days.  But I am trying to keep them as sticky as I can while keeping us sane and reasonably happy (if pleasantly uncomfortable).  Because this is what I want to remember: sweaty farmer’s market runs followed by long cold baths with peppermint soap, Reed running around with just his diaper, the whir of fans, the darkness of the house, sleeping over the sheets, escapes to the icy library, and cherries fresh and cold in the fridge.

Happy heat wave,



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