week 36.2857

grandmama-made: for baby Two

Dreaming: about going into labor almost every night.  Probably because most nights I really feel like I might go into labor.

Daydreaming: about (oh my goodness) holding this actual baby.  This baby I’ve been getting to know all this time, but have never seen.  Oh, and having the laundry done and the closets cleared.

Eating: second helpings.

Feeling: like a small branch holding a big plum.

Feeling: like putting my feet up.

Feeling: ready, despite the little things yet to get in order.

Feeling: like those little things aren’t very important, really.

Looking: little, like last time.  I never do seem to get my full waddle going.

Loving: a little stack of onsies and two tiny hats.

And most of all-

Hoping: for a healthy baby and a good name.  That’s what really matters, isn’t it?


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