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Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that one of these days, any day, we will fully be a family of four.  Having kids is a wild, wonderous thing.  I didn’t really know that until I had one of my own.  Some people are born knowing that.  Not me.

Adam is spending these days at his desk finishing up what schoolwork he can before we have a new face among us.  The man works crazy-hard and still manages to be present and pleasant and thoughtful.  I’m crazy-proud of him.  We each have our own little ways of preparing.  I cut flowers and drink tea and take smaller walks and tend what needs to be tended.  I am also eating.  Quite a lot.  Adam says I am carbo-loading.

Meanwhile, while my brain seems to lack the capacity for any meaningful creativity, I have been very keen on learning things.  Time has slowed and I am craving books.  And how did I not hear about Academic Earth until now?

On the night of the day I was 39.0 weeks I began labor with Reed; if the timeline is just the same, that will be tonight.  But I don’t think it will be the same.  I don’t think it will be tonight.  If you want to know my guess, it is Tuesday, but I don’t really mind my guesses.  I’d be trilled to meet this baby any day.  Truth be told, though I am for the most part comfortable (at least if you ask me in the morning), I would be taking long walks and eating spicy food and all of those funny things people do to nudge things along, but I can’t shake the thought that this is not a baby who would like to be rushed.  I want him (her?) to take his time, to live life fully, slowly.  Best to start now.  Best to learn to trust each other.

(But I really am sick of maternity clothes, and I totally don’t feel like cooking next week.)


4 thoughts on “39.0

  1. Your blog posts remind me so much of myself the summer of 1981 as I awaited the arrival of my second child. 🙂 Such sweet memories.

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