the face that launched a thousand ships

tiny toes

Helen Wright Whitlock was born at dawn on Sunday after three hours of labor.  Sunday August 28.  5:56 am.  A thick band of pink outside the birthing room window.  18.5 inches.  7 lb 8oz.

She is as healthy as a horse, wakeful, and an excellent snuggler.  We love her, and are happily settling into life at home as a family of four.

(I could go on and on and on, but I will stop here, for now.  The boys just came home from the library, so I will rise from Helen and my snuggly bed and kiss them both.)


6 thoughts on “born

  1. three hours! that was a quick one!
    my midwife said that every birth somehow gives you something you need for that particular child. i wonder what you’ve just been given?
    well, enjoy the snuggles. i’m still here, following your journey and being warmed by your words.
    bless you.

  2. Thank you!

    Keely- More to come! It felt completely wild and surprising. Fast births are so strange!

    Brooke- I like that. I will meditate on that a bit. What did you learn from your birth with Hazel?

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