we <3 breakfast

I can’t say the day began promising.  Adam had been sick the last couple days and I woke to a house that seemed wild and a husband tired and coughing (poor dear!) and a son that should have eating an hour ago, but of course there was nothing in the house.  And so I tried to make biscuits with Helen fussing in a wrap at my chest and Reed whining at my heels and Adam coughing and both sides of the sink full of dishes.

But dough was rolled out, biscuits baked, and a little girl fell asleep on her mother’s chest.  We sat down at the table with the biscuits still good and hot.  And all the noise had turned to quiet and all the whining had turned to gladness and Adam was finally on the mend.  We sat and ate together.  There was sun.

After we ate, Adam did all the dishes, and we left for the orchard and bought a bag of apples.  They are on the dining room table and make the whole room smell sweet.

We are stepping into life as a family of four.  It’s not going to be easy.  But it will be so good.  Good like a bowl of apples.

Happy early September, friends,



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