summer popcorn


We are just beginning to settle into our ways, we three.  And our ways involve afternoon coffee.  Though there isn’t always coffee.  Sometimes there is tea or milk or something entirely different.  But the point is, we get out little plates and cups and sit down for a while.  And there is always something to eat.

Whatever we have on hand, really.  If there is chocolate in the house and Reed knows about it (which he almost always does) we will certainly have that.  And if there is a cake of some sort, that’s a likely candidate, too.  But there is rarely chocolate and often no cake either.  There is always popcorn.  And when we have popcorn these days, we almost always have it like this:

Summer Basil Popcorn

After popping the corn and putting it in a bowl, put a good few gluggs of fruity olive oil and a tablespoon of butter in the still-hot pan.  Add a good handful of fresh basil and stir.  The pan should be hot enough to heat the oil and get the basil to just barely sizzle.    If not, turn a bit of heat on.  Pour the basily oil over the popcorn and thrown on a few pinches of sea salt, some generous turns from the pepper mill, and a good handful of freshly grated Parmesan or Romano cheese.

Best eaten right away with gluttonous relish, outdoors if it is sunny, and if it is cloudy and cold, inside on the couch while you watch the news or something else produced for people over the age of five.


2 thoughts on “summer popcorn

  1. I started making the olive oil/parmesan cheese combo recently as well! Makes a great (& simple) “fancy” appetizer. (Did you read about this in the New Yorker? Because I feel like that’s when I learned about it, maybe.)

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