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rainy april first: thrift store finds

Have any of you read The Zero Waste Home blog?  It has been on my feed for a while now (kicking my butt) and is probably to thank for waste reduction being on my radar at all (I had previously thought that because we didn’t eat a lot of packaged food or use paper towels we were in the clear on the disposables front- as I said she really kicks my butt).  Anyway, we are far from being a Zero-Waste Home, though we are improving all the time, I hope, but today, I am not writing about that.  I am writing about clothes.

Yesterday, inspired by Bea’s wardrobe, I wrote a list of what I think I need to dress simply and well.  It was fun and fascinating.  I don’t think of myself as someone prone to fashion excess, but I was amazed at how hard it was for me to think about giving up the “luxuries” once I realized what I really needed- which is so little, really (though with our Wisconsin winters, my list is longer than Bea’s).

I am excited about this small project of mine, though it is slow and a little silly, maybe.  Still.  Did you know I think I only need eight pairs of socks?!  Maybe even seven.  Or six!  There is something so thrilling about that.

Anyway, here’s to letting go of things we thought we needed,



3 thoughts on “simple clothes

  1. Kind of on the topic-ish, but I’ve surprised myself with how much living in Europe has changed the way I shop. I’ll admit it’s mainly because their recycling system is such a HUGE (HUGE) pain in the butt that I avoid it at all costs. I don’t not recycle obviously but I make a conscious effort to buy things with less packaging, or paper packaging (I avoid plastic because recycling it here is the worst), and I always bring my own cloth bags and this neat reusable plastic collapsible bin for big heavy stuff.

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