this new week and this and that

1.  It is what may be one of the last warm days until spring.  I took the rosemary in, moved the lavender, and wear sandals.  We will be outside as much as we can.  We will not wear jackets.  We will not be eating soup.

2.  In an effort to reduce waste, I made my own natural deodorant, today.  This may make me a hippy.  Especially considering that I also do not wash my hair.  Either way, it may be too early to say, but so far it may be the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried.

3.  What would I do without baking soda?

4.  I am reading The Maytrees, and it is wonderful.  So, so wonderful.  But, honestly?  I really would rather be reading Harriet the Spy again.

yoga time

5.  I have begun “doing yoga” with Reed.  Which basically involves this: he unrolls the yoga mat and says “Up!  Down!” while I do a few sun salutations, then crawls on me and between my feet and then asks for an airplane ride, and I consent.  It is perfect.

helen eyes

6.  Something about Helen’s eyes does me good.  What is it about that girl?


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