mornings in dinosaur pajamas

1.  It continues to be a gorgeous fall.  So many sunny days.  So many light jackets worn out of desire rather than necessity.  The heat from the furnace warms us on these chilly mornings, and in the afternoon, occasionally, we can even open a window.

2.  I spent this particular day with two healthy kids that are jolly as hell.  And came home from the orchard to a man home early from work wearing his black shirt and autumn beard.  I love his black shirt and autumn beard.

3.  The orchard.  And a big bagful of what I think are the best apples in the world.

4.  And the big sugar pumpkin bought with the apples.  It will be pie.

5.  And a fresh tin of coffee just in from the roasterie and the little white cup of espresso, on the house, when it has been so long since I have had espresso.

6.  There is even beer in the fridge.  Apple beer.

7.  And lots of eggs.

8.  It is a perfect day for an evening walk.

9.   The maples are yellow, yellow, yellow.

Some days the abundance is overwhelming.  And any discontent seems small.  Silly, even.

I like watching Reed pull an apple from the bag and taking big bites of that beautiful round apple with his beautiful round face.  I like seeing my girl’s shining face in the sun.


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