for the record

last warm autumn days

Happy Helen

– There are at least a few hours of at least one day a week when taking care of two young ones does not seem easy at all.  And it is 11:30 in the morning, and I am still not dressed, Reed is half-naked, my hair is half-brushed.  I feel angry at everyone and no one for this, and if Adam is around, I usually take it out on him.  And Reed, no matter how cute and jolly, irritates me and I wish that I could just do one thing at a time for once.  And I wish the house was quiet.

– At least five full days a week, I can’t believe my luck getting to spend so much of my life with people I like so well as my kids.  I love coaching Reed as he flips his fried egg in the morning or stirs the pancake batter.  I love teasing him and being teased by him.  I love being watched by Helen’s steady eyes.

– Life with two little ones goes better when you let go of your own agenda for a little while.

– I believe that the Golden Rule applies to political rhetoric.  This may make me a simpleton.  I don’t care.


One thought on “for the record

  1. I love reading your posts and I’m glad we are friends. I resonate with this and I’m sure I will all the more when we have a second child down the road. Oh, and I can’t believe Helen is 3 months already! She’s getting so big. Love that smile.

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