I get stuck throughout the day.  In bed.  On a chair.  She will be sitting on my knees and she’ll start to smile and I will start kissing her cheeks and she will chuckle and I will chuckle and she’ll look at me and I will look at her and then I will not want to be anywhere else.  I will just want to be there.  Right there.  For the whole afternoon.  Hi, Helen.  Hi, Helen.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day.  It’s a day I am glad to celebrate, though I am not sure how the man himself would feel about the whole thing.  And I like how Reed calls hot chocolate “chocolate-chocolate.”  And he always wants more.  “More.  Please.  More chocolate-chocolate.  Mama.”  And I like winter cooking, with its pots on the stove all day long.  And I like days with the people I love.


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