just winter


corners of home: kitchen bird

The New Year has come, and we are all settling in to Just Winter.  Just Winter is a comfortable place.  We all have our hats and scarves and mittens close at hand and are accustom to bundling up in them before our (short) walks, scraping down car windows, shoveling sidewalks, wearing socks, and other things still foreign in November.  We drink lots of tea, eat big roast potatoes, and find refreshment in winter sun and winter air.  We also make a lot of ice cream, which is not very winter-like, but what happens when I get an ice cream-maker for Christmas.

Just Winter is never as long as it used to be, and I enjoy it more with each passing year.  Whether this is because of its brevity or because I have growing children to experience it with or because one enjoys things more as one gets older, I am not sure.  But I do.  I enjoy everything more.  Except sweets, I suppose (sweets never taste so good as they do when you are young).  And television.  And sick days.  And surely a handful of other things.  That may be a good idea for a list: Things I Enjoy Less as I Get Older (Mid-Twenties Edition).  To be continued.  Meanwhile, what do you enjoy less and less?  Or more and more?


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