with margot

Margot Louise Whitlock



I drove, today. A car with a backseat that was full. And our house is full. And I like the way that feels.

Today was my first day on my own with three children. The naturalness surprised me. The first child is a sweeping change. The second is a transition. The third folds in so easily. It’s like that point in making mayonnaise- after the careful whipping of yolks and dripping of oil- when you drizzle the oil in a “steady stream” and the magical emulsion sticks.

That’s life with Margot. That’s today.


2 thoughts on “with margot

  1. So, Miss Lindsey, does this mean there will be more? I know grandma & grandpa Whitlock would love it!

    Arthur misses Reed. He looks at pictures, points, says a bunch of stuff I don’t understand, and smiles a lot. Truthfully, I miss home, too….

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